Wednesday, 5 June 2013

My Secret Side

Love that your a natural mature woman

thank you :o)

from the mists of time!

from the mists of time!

Just wanted to say you are absolutely beautiful! Love all your pics and videos!!! Coming from a 26 y/o from Texas

Thank you :)

sweetie are you ever coming back?

I've not gone away :)  Just been pretty busy lately. 

no reason for you to be nervous about that pic. You are absolutely stunning. Its been a while since I have been through your blog, but I kind of understand your living arrangement. I am almost in the same circumstance. Keep being you!

Thank you :o)

I may regret uploading this, however I have had alot of requests...

I may regret uploading this, however I have had alot of requests to show it after someone mentioned it in a question earlier. So here goes! So nervous about this one!

I love stroking my black cock to your old videos

Happy to be of help :o)

Can we get some more videos sweety

It is definitely near the top of my 'to do' list :)

It's difficult to play truth or dare so one-sidedly, but I'll try. Truth: do you think you'll be posting more soon? Dare: I dare you to send me a private pic (that I will be happy to keep private). Either way, I'm glad you're back. You've been missed.

I hope to be posting more soon, has been a quiet few months work wise but things are picking up and i'll be spending more time away from home again. Getting bored in lonely hotel rooms ;)  

Yes i can send a private pic, is it possible to do this via tumblr or will i email it?

What happened to the shot of your ass you had up? It was deleted before I could heart it! Was it all a dream?

Eeeeek! someone saw that after all. Thought i had got away with it.

I deleted it partly because my ass looked too big, but mostly because my face was a little too visible for privacy sake. If you really want the photo i can send it to you privately ;)

In a truth or dare sort of mood :o)  Ask any questions you may have. Ask away and do not be shy, the...

In a truth or dare sort of mood :o)  Ask any questions you may have. Ask away and do not be shy, the link is at the top of the age or @

Wow I love your blog. You have an amazing body not to mention you are beautiful! I would love to hook up with you. I am 23 and I love older women.

Thank you for your kind words :)

If anyone would like to have a cam chat or skype just now then send me a message :o)

If anyone would like to have a cam chat or skype just now then send me a message :o)

Merry Christmas, beautiful.

Thank you, and merry Christmas to you to x

I'm just curious why you say that you have a platonic relationship with your husband? I'm assuming that there was sex somewhere along the way or you wouldn't have 2 grown children? I'm not trying to judge you for your choices, but it just always seems strange to me that people hide things from the people that matter the most to them and yet share their most intimate secrets with complete strangers.

It is complicated. We have been together so very long and there remains affection and friendship but the passion left long ago. Some people will see this as a failure on my part for not working on it (I felt this myself for many years) but as we got older things changed. It was not something that happened overnight but something that gradually happened over years and decades - It may sound like an excuse but in our case the age difference between us became a factor which wasn't an issue when we were both younger but now it is. That however does not mean I do not care for my husband any more!

I believe there are different sorts of love in the world and my marriage and relationship is better now than it was 20 years ago when we were still intimate with one another and therefore on the surface in a 'closer' and more loving relationship. It wasn't though. I realize that will sound strange to many people and that me being a cheat, a liar and a deceitful bitch (which i recognize is what I am) goes against the pre-conceived ideas of what being a good wife, good partner or a good friend is about but it is what it is and it works for me better than the alternatives.

As for sharing my most intimate secrets with complete strangers - that is MUCH easier to do to. No judgement, no hiding, I can just be me. Yes it might be strange but I think I am far from alone in finding it easier to share my thoughts in this way.

my goodness. I just found your blog. I can't wait to go through it all. Love watching you please yourself. Your ass bobbing up and down on that cock was outstanding. Keep up the dirty work!!!

Thank you :)

I love that the Queen of the Night is singing in the background of your video!!

That was a happy coincidence, totally unintentionally and I had a little laugh when I noticed it on the video!  Well spotted btw :)

Your video was fantastic. I've never wanted to put my tongue on an ass so bad.

Thank you :) And your suggestion would go down a treat indeed :)

Thanks for sharing another wet pussy video. You have a great pussy and have rubbed my cock to all your posts. Have been anticipating your new vid. FYI - I love to suck clits - thanks

Thank you for your compliments, and also thank you for telling me what you've done to my posts :)

Keep up the good work, keep me this hard. ;)

Thank you :)

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